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Jochio's News

Posted by Jochio - February 27th, 2013

Hello there! it´s been a long time since i last uploaded a project of mine to newgrounds.
This was due to college work, and general no inspiration anymore!

However, in the last few weeks, i have regained some of the inspiration i used to have,
and this spawned Roomies Ep3 "Snack Time" It turned out okay! Despite having some issues..
I haven´t animated in a long while, so my skills are kinda rusty...

I originally wanted to work on Demon Tales Episode 3, which is gonna be great,
But i decided to do something different first, to get back into the Animation bizz!
Next time i´ll spend a lot more time on certain details! And make the video longer.
It´s only 3.07 long, which isn´t all that short, but it could´ve been a lil longer!

I´m planning on animating a lot more in the future, especially since i didn´t upload ANYTHING last year.
(yes i'm aware Sernauphia is in my movielist, but i was co authored on that one!) I'm gonna make a lot more videos in the upcoming months! So get ready!

That's all for now, I hope you enjoyed the video!


Posted by Jochio - November 15th, 2012

Dear Newgrounds.

I feel ashamed that i haven't uploaded anything in such a long time!
A whole year has passed and i haven't uploaded anything! (Excluding Sernauphia where i got Co-Authored)
I went to Youtube, to see how that would go. and things where going great but well.. it changed.
In the past, i used an SWF video Converter. (Sothink SWF to Video Converter)
However, for some reason it decided to say: "fuck off. i will no longer export the sound in your flash!"
I've been searching for a new converter since, but for some reason i can't seem to find one.
But now that i'm in college. i've decided to say "fuck you" to youtube at this point.
Most of the people there are idiots. That don't know a thing about animation :S

Which brings me back to newgrounds. the place where i learned animation, and had so many fond memories.
I've decided to move back to the place i love. the place where all my ideas started to flow!
And i redesigned my series called: "Roomies!" It's much better on all accounts. and i'm planning to release the first new episode before December! After that i'd have 2 options. make a new Roomies. (depending on how people like it)
Or continue with my other series. "Demon Tales" Which also has a lot of promising moments.

It'll all come down on how well Roomies will be recieved by the public here!
Here's a lil pic on how it will look this time around! (after almost 2 to 3 years difference from the first episode!)


Hey kids! Appologies!

Posted by Jochio - November 30th, 2011

And how?!

I've been working on Dragonball Fun for a while now!
And it's nearing completion :) After that it's back to Demon Tales!
But also another new project!! It's a lot more serious than the other ones..

A lot darker. and a lot more gore! It's gonna be a different aproach on stuff.
It's gonna be great since i practiced my animation a lot in the last few months!

All i need now is a group of willing voice actors!


Posted by Jochio - October 17th, 2011

Hey guys!

I finaly got some time on my hands! so i can finaly continue both Demon Tales and Dragonball Fun!
Dragonball Fun will come out somewhere this week! probably wednesday!

Demon Tales is going to be sweet! a new setting, a lot of darkness. and murder...
It's going to be super sweet! all i need at this point is Voice Actors!

This was just a lil update! :)


Posted by Jochio - June 2nd, 2011

Sorry guys! Demon Tales went offline :S I pressed the wrong button while wanting to edit it.
But whatever. This gives me some time to Change a few things! So thats what i'm gonna do now!

Posted by Jochio - June 2nd, 2011

I had to stop animating after Demon Tales Episode 1.
So as soon as i could start again i decided to do it alot better than before!
I contracted a person to help me work on a Original Soundtrack. And it looks/sounds good!

Demon Tales is my favorite project so far! I love how i can go all out on things.
Write a script. Do the Voice Acting. And animate it! This all took me about 2 weeks to do.

Demon Tales Ep 2 can be found here:


Posted by Jochio - March 27th, 2011

This took me much longer than it should've been..
Alot of setbacks. Audio Sync Problems and other shit...
But its finally done now!

I'll post how and what soon!

Posted by Jochio - June 28th, 2010

Iam updating the Executioner project.
Im going to give it a real name. and change the musical style it has now.
By adding it more variation! The result will turn out great if i do this right!

I dont have anything more to tell about the project.
But i will update it soon!

Posted by Jochio - June 25th, 2010

Thats right.
A new button Ragz project is under development!
Well.. new? i cant call it new. Its a new version of Button Ragz treasure Hunt.
Its going to have better animation. Better graphics. And! A better Ending.
Its going to be alot different! The ending will be a huge suprise though.

Also. this is not only an anouncement for Button Ragz Treasure Hunt.
Also the newest episode will be anounced right now.

The episode itself is called:
Button Ragz And the mask of the Fel'kun.

I wont go into it for now. But its going to be the episode where the entire series could change.
For instance. Button Ragz will be able to speak after this episode!
how i will not tell you. And who's the voiceactor? I wont go into that yet.

I'll give you the Logo for the Treasure Hunt right here.

Also. I know my grammar and Spelling are seriously crap in this post.
Why? i couldnt be bothered to spellcheck. And its late. and im tired.
So ya. there you have it. YES IM A SLAG.


Button Ragz Treasure Hunt!

Posted by Jochio - June 11th, 2010

In every flash project i work on i want constructive critisism.
Why? to inprove the things that the audience find Shitty/bad.

But. These last few months i've noticed various changes in the Reviewers.
Not only do some of them acually act like total douches and pretty much insult our work.
They take down the animators by doing so. I meen. lets face it. After alot of insults,
I think most of the animators here would give in and stop animating.

Sure Anime style may be overused. But maybe there is a reason its overused?
Its a decent looking style. Its good to watch. What do you guys want? A perfect new style?
Its hard enough to design everything on your own. But then. you need to animate the entire thing aswell.

Sometimes i wish the up and comers on Newgrounds would get a little bit of respect
Because by bashing and bombing somebody's work. you wont make them inprove.
You'll most likely make them stop animating. And that is not what we want on NG.

Well. Enough of this grammatical onslaught of a rant.
Im not going to be writing in perfect english at this moment.

Thats it for now.

Jochio (Soulworks.inc) Animations~