Hey kids! Appologies!

2012-11-15 17:20:38 by Jochio

Dear Newgrounds.

I feel ashamed that i haven't uploaded anything in such a long time!
A whole year has passed and i haven't uploaded anything! (Excluding Sernauphia where i got Co-Authored)
I went to Youtube, to see how that would go. and things where going great but well.. it changed.
In the past, i used an SWF video Converter. (Sothink SWF to Video Converter)
However, for some reason it decided to say: "fuck off. i will no longer export the sound in your flash!"
I've been searching for a new converter since, but for some reason i can't seem to find one.
But now that i'm in college. i've decided to say "fuck you" to youtube at this point.
Most of the people there are idiots. That don't know a thing about animation :S

Which brings me back to newgrounds. the place where i learned animation, and had so many fond memories.
I've decided to move back to the place i love. the place where all my ideas started to flow!
And i redesigned my series called: "Roomies!" It's much better on all accounts. and i'm planning to release the first new episode before December! After that i'd have 2 options. make a new Roomies. (depending on how people like it)
Or continue with my other series. "Demon Tales" Which also has a lot of promising moments.

It'll all come down on how well Roomies will be recieved by the public here!
Here's a lil pic on how it will look this time around! (after almost 2 to 3 years difference from the first episode!)


Hey kids! Appologies!


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2012-11-15 17:37:25

nice to see you again :D