Roomies Ep3 "snack time" Released!

2013-02-27 18:48:16 by Jochio

Hello there! it´s been a long time since i last uploaded a project of mine to newgrounds.
This was due to college work, and general no inspiration anymore!

However, in the last few weeks, i have regained some of the inspiration i used to have,
and this spawned Roomies Ep3 "Snack Time" It turned out okay! Despite having some issues..
I haven´t animated in a long while, so my skills are kinda rusty...

I originally wanted to work on Demon Tales Episode 3, which is gonna be great,
But i decided to do something different first, to get back into the Animation bizz!
Next time i´ll spend a lot more time on certain details! And make the video longer.
It´s only 3.07 long, which isn´t all that short, but it could´ve been a lil longer!

I´m planning on animating a lot more in the future, especially since i didn´t upload ANYTHING last year.
(yes i'm aware Sernauphia is in my movielist, but i was co authored on that one!) I'm gonna make a lot more videos in the upcoming months! So get ready!

That's all for now, I hope you enjoyed the video!



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