Entry #39


2014-08-07 05:33:40 by Jochio

In case you don't know. I've been here for a while.

Like a lot of animators this was my "home" for a long time. And like a whole lot i left newgrounds for a different platform. This was obviously Youtube. I recieved a Youtube Partnership and all was well. but i'm terrible at promotion work so i don't have a big audience. However, now it's caught my attention that youtube has had a lot of changes.

I always wanted to go back to Newgrounds. Since it was my animation homefront. I edited my work through Adobe Premiere so i couldn't upload it on Newgrounds at the time. But now with the release of the best SWF to video converter Swivel. I decided to come back. I loved it here. and i don't know why i left. Maybe it was the trolls. maybe it was the huge amount of people that just left for youtube. I don't remember. What's inportent right now is that i'm back.

I'll be uploading my videos on Newgrounds again. It feels like the right thing to do. Swivel's amazing. And NG will be aswell.


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